Dr. Soumitro Chakraborty feels that words have the power to change our moods, thoughts and perception. By lending a public voice, he wants to broaden the society’s perspective on various areas such as poverty, illiteracy, education, health and environment management. He believes that channelized thoughts would be able to ignite the spirit of creativity and would help add clarity to the action required.

Apart from his active participation in social activities, Dr. Chakrabory attends various events as a speaker, moderator and panellist. The broad scope includes conferences and seminars organised by the government bodies, private sector organisations, universities and media entities; covering economic, development and social topics. According to him, the diversity of the participants sets the right tone to discuss experiences and ideas. His innovative and dynamic views have also been featured in various national and international publications. Among his initiatives to promote education and learning are his sessions on ‘Masterclass for Directors’ at the Institute of Directors. In his lectures, he discusses ‘Sustainability – Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility’.

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