Pay Disparity: A Gender issue ignored for too long!

In a country that continuously strives towards modernism and development, gender pay disparity hampers workplace prosperity and overall growth of women in the country. It's about time we address the issue by bringing in robust gender policies in the workplace.

Why the mob has come to rule us?

For several years now, the caste system in India has come in the way of our social development and overall progress. It’s been a dominant factor in the way our society functions and has set very hard boundaries for social inclusion. These boundaries have again sown new seeds for caste-based discrimination to prevail.

How Entrepreneurs Can Revamp Shrinking Industries.

There are 48 million small businesses in India, as per a report by Business Today in 2017. India’s small businesses create 1.3 million jobs every year, the largest share of employment after agriculture; thereby, playing a significant role in the country's GDP. Let’s look at the bigger picture: We are a solution-oriented society, meaning everything that we do is an answer to a very specific problem and, this translates into our business models as well.

Achieving universal health coverage.

The World Health Organisation was founded on the principle that every individual should be able to realise their right to the highest level of health. Therefore providing the facility of health to every individual became its guiding mantra for more than seven decades now. Keeping this trend alive, this year, the WHO is calling countries in moving towards the Universal Health coverage.

Fiinovation, a CSR Innovation for the Future.

During the quest of environmental entrepreneurs, A Journalist Reveals came across Fiinovation, a global consulting company offers end to end CSR consulting services and simplified solutions that has helped various corporations channelize their resources for the upliftment of the community. Since 2009, Fiinovation has been able to bridge the gap between businesses and communities through value-based CSR programs in association with credible civil society organizations on Pan India basis in the field of health, environment, education and livelihood.

Climate Change: India’s battle between economy and environment.

India’s growing population and emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) are rising fast. A report by the Times of India in 2017, puts India amongst the top 5 largest emitters in the world. So, the country’s ability to tackle development without the massive use of fossil fuels will decide the fate of the country. Human-induced climate change is real, and it’s about time we wake up to reality, and the reality is quite shocking.

Convergence of CSR and Sustainability from the core of the Companies Act, 2013.

CSR & Sustainability practices need to go hand in hand to see an effective implementation by corporates & the Companies Act, 2013 focuses on merging that gap. Sharing my views on the current trends within this space & more.

Life of women street vendors: protection of livelihood and need for regulation.

You can see the harsh and brutal lines of reality on the face of the young woman who sits on the footpath at Delhi’s busy Connaught Place. She, like many others, was compelled to take to the streets due to poverty. Thirty-year-old Garima began selling embroidered bags and trinkets to supplement the income of her family. Married to an alcoholic, she struggles every day to feed her three sons. On a good day she earns around 100 rupees, even then she would have to ration provisions.

It’s time we focus on women’s access to better sanitation facilities.

In 2014, the rape and murder of two minor girls in the small village of Badaun, U.P., shook the nation. Apart from the shocking state of women’s safety in India, this tragedy also highlighted an issue that millions of other women in the country are facing – lack of proper sanitation and access to toilets.

Rainwater harvesting can be a key solution to meet the dire water crisis knocking at our doorstep.

It is scary to wake up to news that talks about your city heading towards a Day Zero. Predictions and analysis of the water crisis in Bangalore paints a very grim picture. A recent study by the Down to Earth magazine published by the CSE shows at least 200 cities across the world are facing a severe water crisis, among them Bengaluru, are fast moving towards a situation where taps start running dry.

Straight Talk on Women First

The AIPC South Delhi talk show on “Women First” has gathered significant momentum. With this, I hope that we are one step closer to stopping the sexual harassment, violence, and discrimination faced by the women of our country. .

Fiinovation bestowed with Best Technical CSR provider award

Honoring the exemplary work done in corporate social responsibility domain,Fiinovation, the research-based consultancy firm has been accorded with the Best Technical CSR Provider award by the CMAI Association and CIM Global during a recent award ceremony held in the capital today, at Vigyan Bhawan.

Times Now Special Broadcast –19th World Congress on Environment Management 2017

‘MANAGING ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE CHANGE: Transitioning to a Sustainable Economy’
Market-based Strategies" and emphasizing the role of the Boardrooms to encourage sustainable practices by the businesses at IOD's 19th World Environment Congress held in Hyderabad - 7th July 2017

Times Now Special Broadcast – 11th International Conference on CSR

Finovation collaborated with Institute of Directors (IOD) as a Technical Partner for the 11th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility held at Bengaluru. Themed “Embedding CSR in Corporate Strategy for Responsible Growth”, the conference brought together industry leaders and sectoral experts such as Ms. Rajshree Birla, Dr. R. Seetharaman, Padmasree Dr. V.R. Gowrishankar, Ms. Namita Vikas, Mr. Soumitro Chakraborty, Justice M.N. Venkatachalliah and Dr. BindheshwarPathak among others. The Founder of Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar also graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

#PowerOfBangles - Women's Day Campaign

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8th March, Fiinovation ran a campaign focusing on rethinking and breaking stereotypes against women that started from 2nd March and concluded on 14th March. The campaign was directed towards sensitizing men about the popular perception that wearing a bangle is a sign of weakness. In this modern era, where women are seen as equals, the perception that just because they sport a bangle doesn’t mean they are weak by any means.